Brand Philosophy 

The word “bubuki” is of medieval origin; perhaps itself derived from the Ancient Greek word βομβύκιον, diminutive from βόμβυξ, meaning silkworm or cocoon. This etymological understanding directs the mind to the picture of a blossom which has not opened yet, and appears like the cocoon of the silkworm. This appellation has been chosen as bubuki, metaphorically, implies youth, tenderness and innocence.

 There is an old saying: «Every bud has all it needs to be a flower». In 2016 inspiration struck, as the mother of the designer was creating clothes for more than 40 years in Athens. As such, the seed of creativity was there, which is now slowly sprouting and blossoming. In the old workshop we discovered treasures from vintage textiles and fabrics, items of high quality from France, Italy and Greece. We continue to prioritise the quality of the raw materials which in combination with the vintage fabrics allows bubuki to remain a true free spirit creation. This is why, as a result, the production is small and replenishes itself week by week – in the same manner as inspiration itself regenerates spontaneously.

 The brand philosophy is to inspire you to discover travels through bubuki, and the exquisite selections of fabrics and patterns there of surely provide the ticket for it.

 Feel free, travelers! Bubuki was born to travel. The partnerships with boutiques of Greece and abroad, as well as the appearance of custom-made bubuki in various events and projects across the world such as “Burning Man”, make us feel that the journey will never end.

 We hereby invite you to explore the world with us, and sample its delights.

 So, where to next…? 

About me 

They name me a designer, but I consider myself more of a fellow traveller. I'm excited to share with you the world of Bubuki: a voyage-infused world with flowers, spirits, music, images, colours and experiences. Express yourself in your freedom and uniqueness and let the journey begin. 

So... Where to next?

                                       Olga Bechliouli